Tiers, Pricing and Examples


There are 6 tiers of the products we support. Every tier has its own license restriction.

Jira License Quirk

This will affect you if you have more than one Jira license in your instance.

  • If you have more than one license which are different Tiers (e.g. Tier 3 Jira Software & Tier 2 Jira Service Management / Service Desk), you will only need to purchase one license. You will need to purchase Tier 3 Jira Software.
Tier/ProductJira Core (Users)Jira Software (Users)

Jira Service Management / Service Desk (Agent)

Confluence (Users)Stash / Bitbucket Server (Users)Crowd (Users)Bamboo (Remote Agents)
11 to 501 to 501 to 101 to 501 to 501 to 501 to 5
21 to 1001 to 1001 to 251 to 1001 to 1001 to 1001 to 10
31 to 2501 to 2501 to 501 to 2501 to 250
1 to 25
41 to 5001 to 5001 to 1001 to 5001 to 5001 to 5001 to 100
51 to 20001 to 20001 to 2501 to 20001 to 20001 to > 5001 to 250
61 to > 20001 to > 20001 to 20001 to > 20001 to > 2000
1 to > 500

Existing Pricing (USD)

  1. Purchasing a tier for a product entitles you to a one year license for each product. If you have purchased multiple products on different dates, your maintenance renewal dates can be co-termed/synchronized to the same date, so long as one license renews at least 12 months of software maintenance.
  2. The license model is a subscription-based model and will stop functioning at the end of the license
Tier/ProductJira Core (Users)Jira Software (Users)Jira Service Management / Service Desk (Agent)Confluence (Users)Stash / Bitbucket Server (Users)Crowd (Users)Bamboo (Remote Agents)



In the case of Jira 7 and above, where JIRA can be a combination of either Core and/or Software and/or Service Management/Desk, we will pick the highest tier of the installed license(s).

Pricing for Upgrade (USD)

As your application grows with usage, Goldfinger Holdings understands that users need to upgrade their Atlassian License to cater for more users. When that happens, users will need to purchase a new CCA license to match your new Atlassian License. Goldfinger Holdings will prorate the price of the new CCA License from the previous CCA License based on the unused months.