01. Download

Download the Goldfinger Holdings CRM Plugin

To download the latest version of the Goldfinger Holdings CRM Plugin, click on the appropriate link below.
The .jar file you download can be uploaded into Jira using Jira's "Manage apps" administration screen.
CRM Plugin License Agreement.

Download v4.1.5 - For JIRA 4.4
Warning: If you are upgrading from JIRA 4.3.x or earlier you must install this version of the plug-in prior to running JIRA 4.4.x the first time otherwise you will lose all your existing links between JIRA issues and CRM.

Download v4.0.2 - For JIRA 4.3
Note: This is an Atlassian Version Two plugin; Install using JIRA's plugin manager.
Be sure to completely remove version 3.x.x of the CRM plugin if you are upgrading.