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eGo2Group is please to announce the release of Client Certificate Authentication 3.1.2.


This is a major release with 1 major update. Bitbucket Server is now included as a supported application.

When this app is enabled on Bitbucket, users will not be able to perform Git commands via HTTPS anymore and will be restricted to using SSH protocol to access the actual code

We have now included a Basic mode for configuring the CAC application in JIRA, Confluence and Crowd.

The Basic mode allows administrators to convert the CN from ssl_client_s_dn into an Atlassian username by using a drop down select list. For example, C=US/O=U.S. Government/OU=DoD/OU=PKI/OU=ABC/CN=JOHN.RANDOM.DOE.9999999999 can be converted to:

  • john.doe
  • jdoe
  • johndoe
  • 9999999999
  • john.middle.doe

For the existing configuration screen that was introduced in version 3.0, it can be found in the Advance mode tab.

At the moment, version 3.1.x only supports JIRA, Confluence and Crowd. We're working hard to release a version of the solution that would work for the rest of the Atlassian applications.


Users can request for a download (along with the documentation) from our Service Desk at:

Upgrade Guide

In general, if you are coming from a previous version of the solution, users will have to revert the installation procedures to remove the current setup. After that:

JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket ServerCrowd
  1. Retrieve your .jar
  2. Head over to the application's UPM
  3. Upload the .jar
  4. Head over to the application's administration screen and look for CCA Authentication Configuration link
  1. Retrieve your .jar
  2. Stop the Crowd instance
  3. Install the .jar into $CROWD_HOME/plugins
    1. If the plugins folder does not exist, create it
  4. Start the Crowd instance
  5. Head over to the application's administration screen and look for CCA Authentication Configuration link

Version Matrix

This page contains the version matrix for the Client Certificate Authenticator solution.

  • If the version is not on the list, it is not supported
  • Goldfinger Holdings assumes that the add-on works because the code compiles against x.y. If it does not work for any x.y.z, please raise a support ticket at our JIRA instance
  • Strikethroughs on the App version(s) means that we do not support that version anymore


(question) = Not fully tested or testing in progress

(tick) = Tested version


Atlassian Product Version / Application Version8.14.x - 8.13.x8.12.x -  8.8.x8.7.x - 8.4.x8.3.x - 8.1.x
3.18.2 - 3.18.1(tick)(tick)(error)(error)


Atlassian Product Version / Application Version7.11.x - 7.9.x7.8.x - 7.5.x7.4.x - 7.1.x7.0.x
3.18.2 - 3.18.1(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

Stash / Bitbucket Server

  • This version ( is only applicable if 3.19.0 cannot be enabled on Bitbucket Server 7.7.x

Atlassian Product Version / Application Version7.9.x - 7.7.x7.6.x - 7.0.x7.1.x
3.19.0 &*(tick)(error)(error)
3.18.2 - 3.18.1(error)(tick)(tick)


Atlassian Product Version / Application Version7.2.x - 7.0.x6.10.x


3.18.2 - 3.18.1(tick)(error)



Atlassian Product Version / Application Version


3.18.2 - 3.18.1(tick)

JIRA Issues

You have to be logged on to JIRA to view the issues

T Key Summary P Status Resolution