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Goldfinger Holdings CRM Plugin - License Details
Goldfinger Holdings CRM Plugin license information, including costs, renewal, structure, etc.


  • A license is considered a "site" license, providing integration between one (1) production instance of JIRA and (1) CRM system as well as between one (1) test instance of JIRA and (1) CRM system.
  • A license covers an unlimited number of JIRA users and an unlimited number of CRM users.
  • The license fee includes 12 Months Go2Group Maintenance & Support.
    • Goldfinger Holdings Maintenance includes access to all updates and upgrades during the 12 month license period.
    • Goldfinger Holdings Support includes access to all available support options during the 12 month license period.


  • Purchases can be made online through the Goldfinger Holdings Store, or by purchase order, credit card, or PayPal.
  • To start the procurement process, please request a quote from our sales team.
  • Goldfinger Holdings does not release a production key until receipt of payment has been confirmed.
  • Credit card/online payments are immediate, and provide the quickest method of procuring a license or maintenance renewal.


  • Use of the Goldfinger Holdings CRM Plugin assumes agreement to the CRM Plugin End User License Agreement (PDF).
  • Please review the CRM Plugin End User License Agreement (PDF) before proceeding.

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