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Go2Group HipChat Plugin for FishEye & Cruible

Go2Group HipChat Plugin for Fisheye is an adaptation of the Atlassian HipChat plugin with additional features added. It is contributed by Dell KACE and Group, sponsored by Dell KACE and developed by Go2Group.

The plugin handles events from both Fisheye and Crucible.


You can associate individual Fisheye repositories with multiple HipChat rooms and whenever a commit happens on the repository, all the selected rooms are notified.

In addition to notifying the rooms, it also renders the commit message and uses the application links to find out if there is a related issue in the connected JIRA, mentioned in the commit message. This features requires the JIRA - Fisheye Application Link to be configured using Basic Authentication with a JIRA account that can view all the issues.


You can associate individual Crucible projects with multiple HipChat rooms and whenever the following events happen on the repository, all the selected rooms are notified.

  • Review created
  • Review updated
  • Review state changed


The plugin can be installed via UPM as mentioned here.

After the installation, click on the configure link or go to Administration > Security Settings > HipChat Configuration to add a valid "Admin HipChat API token"

If the commit messages should be rendered with the JIRA issue links, don't forget to setup Application Links between the FisEeye and JIRA instance with Basic Authentication.

The account used in Basic Authentication setup should have access to all the issues - otherwise it will fail to find the issue.

See Atlassian documenattion for more details on Basic Authentication setup.


You can configure individual FishEye repositories to notify various HipChat Rooms when a commit happens. This is configured under Administration >> Repositories >> Actions

Commits will now be notified as follows:

Similarly, You can configure individual Crucible projects to notify the selected events to various HipChat Rooms. Following events are supported.

  • Review created
  • Review updated
  • Review state changed

Configuration is done under Administration >> Projects >> Actions

Everything else the same!


You can download jar here.


Please visit our support site here when you need support.