New Features:

A new panel introduced exclusively for Manage Requirements: To centrally manage all requirements in a project.

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Public REST API is developed to perform the products own actions via programmatically.

  1. Add Test Cases to Test Plan
    POST /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/addMembers
  2. Add Test Cycle to Test Plan
    POST /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/addCycle
  3. Update Test Cycle Status
    PUT /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/cycle/{cycleName}/wf/{action}
  4. Update Test Run
    POST /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/cycle/{cycleName}/updateTestRun
  5. Link Bug to Test Run
    POST /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/cycle/{cycleName}/linkBugToTestRun\
  6. Get Test Cycles in a Test Plan
    GET /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/cycles
  7. Get Test Runs in a Test Cycle
    GET /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/cycle/{cycleName}/testRuns
  8. Add Test Steps to a Test Case
    POST /rest/synapse/latest/public/testCase/{testCaseIssueKey}/addSteps
  9. Get Test Steps of a Test Case
    GET /rest/synapse/latest/public/testCase/{testCaseIssueKey}/steps
  10. Link Test Case to a Requirement
    POST /rest/synapse/latest/public/requirement/{requirementIssueKey}/linkTestCase
  11. Add Child Requirements to a Requirement
    POST /rest/synapse/latest/public/requirement/{requirementIssueKey}/addChildren

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Added more SynapseRT JQL functions to help user do advanced searching with search criteria from SynapseRT entities/fields.

  • bugsInTestPlan()
  • bugsInCycle()
  • bugsInTestCase()
  • bugsInRequirement()
  • bugsInBuild()
  • bugsInEnvironment()
  • hasActiveCycle()

  • hasCycleWithBugs()

  • hasCycleWithUnresolvedBugs()

  • hasCycleWithFailedTestCases()

  • hasCycleWithBlockedTestCases()

  • hasCycleWithUntestedTestCases()

  • hasCyclesOfDefectCount()

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SynapseRT Role Permission is now configurable: You are allowed to customize different privileges for Tester, Test Lead and Other roles.

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Introduced a new facility to choose test cases from requirement directly: Choose a list of requirement will add associated test cases automatically to test plan.

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Introduced 'Notification' feature on test run assignment

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Test Case Import/Export: Improve usablity of Test Case importing and added exporting of Test Cases with step information.

- Export multiple test cases with step information from a list of searched issues

- Export a single test case with step information from test case issue page

- Improved content format and able to import more fields from an external CSV file

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Improved 'Requirement' panel in Test Plan issue: Showing test case list and execution result from pop up windows for requirement.

- Plan Coverage: This dialog displays a list of Test Cases those are associated to the Requirement, followed by icons to show whether they are planned for execution or not in this particular Test Plan. 

- Execution Coverage: This dialog displays a list of Test Cases those are planned for execution from the particular Requirement, followed by test results in different Test Cycles. 

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Test Case Run now supports bulk update test step result by one click.

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Test Case steps now support clone of a test step.


Introduced a new Test Cycle action 'Clone': User is able to re-execute test cases those have already been executed in new Test Cycle.

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Localized version for Simplified Chinese language is ready now.

Localized version of Simplified Chinese language is available in release 8.2!

Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-784 [Manage REQs]: It is better to use 'Requirements' instead of 'Manage Requirements'.
  • SYNAPSENG-781 It is better to have tooltips for 'SynapseRT Roles' value.
  • SYNAPSENG-769 [Import/Export]: Need update the sequence of field mapping options.
  • SYNAPSENG-724 [Customer Reported]: Missing information in the Test Reports
  • SYNAPSENG-711 Improve Requirements Management Panel to display more statistics and necessary information for higher usability
  • SYNAPSENG-710 Support the Advanced Customfields list in the Test Case Import
  • SYNAPSENG-697 [Customer Reported] Add tooltip to test suite link so that full path can show up for user.
  • SYNAPSENG-696 Improve 'Test Cycle Report' export file format to align with test case import format.
  • SYNAPSENG-689 Add more information (Tested By, Executed On) to test case run.
  • SYNAPSENG-661 It is better to display the issue in new window after clicking on any issuekey from traceability matrix.
  • SYNAPSENG-641 Improve 'Test Case Format' for test case import function.
  • SYNAPSENG-632 Develop a Requirements Management Panel to centrally manage Requirements
  • SYNAPSENG-631 Add 'View Test Case' link in 'Test Case Run' dialog.
  • SYNAPSENG-630 'Desciption' information is not snapshotted in 'Test Case Run', it always represents the latest updates.
  • SYNAPSENG-627 Add tooltips for expand/collapse icon when check test execution result from "Test Cases" panel.
  • SYNAPSENG-620 Redesign Test Suites Edit Panel Implementation to accomodate hierarchy flexibly
  • SYNAPSENG-555 [Customer Reported] scroll below the table in traceability matrix page.
  • SYNAPSENG-553 [Customer Reported] Lock table header when scroll down traceability matrix.
  • SYNAPSENG-550 [Permission] Customize synapseRT Roles and Role Permissions.
  • SYNAPSENG-543 Inside test suite, attach a 'number' to show how many test cases there.
  • SYNAPSENG-529 Able to check what test cases are covered and what are not covered from "Requirement" panel.
  • SYNAPSENG-526 Able to check test result for the requirement covered by a test plan.
  • SYNAPSENG-525 Use a status/progress bar to indicate requirement testing result in "Requirement" panel.
  • SYNAPSENG-515 [Customer] Re-execute some test cases in "Failed" or "Blocked" status in new created cycle.
  • SYNAPSENG-499 Develop localized version of SynapseRT NextGen plugin - CHS
  • SYNAPSENG-450 After "Saving" there is no message displayed in Configuration screen
  • SYNAPSENG-447 Develop a facility to add Test Cases from Requirements in a Test Plan
  • SYNAPSENG-423 [Customer Reported] No notification when Test Case is assigned and Cycle started
  • SYNAPSENG-74 Testcase steps to support Clone of a test step

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-812 There is no error message when try to link multiple 'Requirement' to be Parent.
  • SYNAPSENG-760 HTML tag is not properly handled in 'Comments' tooltip.
  • SYNAPSENG-749 It displays 'Username' instead of 'Full Name' at Test Case Run/History Section/Updated By.
  • SYNAPSENG-747 [IE]: the maximum size of text box is 2 rows when add a new step, it is impossible to adjust textbox height.
  • SYNAPSENG-746 None 'SynapseRT Role' user is still able to associate free-form test case to test suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-744 To align with JIRA, better to use 'You must select at least one test case to bulk delete.' as tooltip.
  • SYNAPSENG-720 Cancel edit from any new opened test case will cause page reloading.
  • SYNAPSENG-719 Test suite is collapsed, but the newly linked test case is displayed out of it.
  • SYNAPSENG-718 [Customer Reported]: Non-English characters cannot be handled correctly by importing test steps.
  • SYNAPSENG-717 Clicking the expand icon multiple times quickly in succession shows duplicate test cycles for a test plan.
  • SYNAPSENG-698 It is not back to 'SynapseRT Reports' page after clicking 'Cancel' from 'Test Plan Execution Report' page.
  • SYNAPSENG-692 'Test Step' textboxes should be enlarged automatically to adjust multiple lines of texts.
  • SYNAPSENG-658 HTML tag is not properly handled in 'Actual Result' text box.
  • SYNAPSENG-643 'Expand All' take effect if link a test case which has already been a member to test suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-605 'Test case number value is not refreshed after moving in/out any test case.
  • SYNAPSENG-604 'Test Case Number' label is still presented when edit a test suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-603 There is redundant space between 'move' icon and ID, ID and Step.
  • SYNAPSENG-602 SynapseRT Report: Refresh "Test Cycle Report" from key board will take user back to "Report Configuration" page.
  • SYNAPSENG-579 SynapseRT Report: Test cylce value is gone when user is "Back" to "Configure - Test Cycle Report" page.
  • SYNAPSENG-552 Only click main test suite without expanding it cannot add any test cases successfully in test plan.
  • SYNAPSENG-503 New created / linked test case is always presented to the bottom of its direct test suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-487 No response after clicking 'x' icon to delete the second bug link from test step.
  • SYNAPSENG-461 Search (candidates list) doesn't work well when link a test case to a test suite.