New Features:

Requirement, Baseline and Baseline Comparison Export

Export feature helps user getting requirement related data with an easy way, the exported doc can be used as offline purposes such us report, doc archive etc. 

  • Supporting both .csv and .doc formats for requirement export

  • Supporting fields customization for requirement export
  • Supporting Baseline and Baseline Comparison result to word doc

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Execution Urgency

  1. Help user defining execution urgency in Test Cycle, tester can follow execution urgency to prioritize test executions.
  2. Also developed new JQL function "urgencyOfRun()" to filter test results by urgency value.

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Support Reordering Test Suites

User is allowed to reorder Test Suites created in the page, it is very useful if there are large amount of Test Suites and they need to be structured by logical order

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Support Parameterized Jenkins Job

  1. In addition of default Jenkins job, supporting parameterized job will give one more option for automation team. 
  2. Pass Test Cycle information (id) to Jenkins job after job is triggered from synapseRT.

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New Features on Test Plan & Test Cycle

Below features introduce to Test Plan & Test Cycle improves the usability and flexibility of using the tool:

  • Additional option 'Load Test Case' at creation of Test Cycle: let user decided if Test Cases in the plan are going to be loaded in Test Cycle or not
  • Supporting add/remove Test Cases from Test Cycle in 'ACTIVE' states: testing team has more flexibility to adjust test scope even testing has been started
  • Listing Test Cycles in reversed order in Test Plan: the most recent created Test Cycles are displayed in top

'JQL Search' in 'Requirements' page

The new 'JQL Search' feature helps user filtering requirements by using complicated condition combinations, and getting more accurate result.

Other Changes & Improvements

  1. New API: /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/deleteCycleByIdOrName; improved existing API: /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/addCycle
  2. Supporting different 'delimiter/separator' when export synapseRT issues (Test Cases, Requirements) to .csv file
  3. Allow user reorder test run status
  4. Supporting .xls and .doc formats export for 'Test Cycle Report'

Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-266 [Customer][Test Suite]: add ability to reorder the test suite in "Test Suites" panel.
  • SYNAPSENG-1774 [Manage REQs]: Supporting CSV export for Requirement issues.
  • SYNAPSENG-1917 [Manage REQs]: Providing 'JQL Search' (Advanced Search) for user to view the list of requirements.
  • SYNAPSENG-1959 [Customer][Test Plan]: Presenting Test Cycle with reversed order (the latest are the first) in Test Plan.
  • SYNAPSENG-2099 [Customer][Test Cycle]: Make Test Cases (Test Runs) removable from an 'ACTIVE' Test Cycle.
  • SYNAPSENG-2467 [Import/Export]: Supporting different 'delimiter/separator' when export synapseRT issues (Test Cases, Requirements).
  • SYNAPSENG-3007 [Automation]: Support Jenkins default pipeline job.
  • SYNAPSENG-3483 [Configuration]: Allow user to set order of Test Run Status.
  • SYNAPSENG-3491 [Test Cycle]: Add an option 'Load all Test Cases those are in the Test Plan' in 'Add Test Cycle' dialog.
  • SYNAPSENG-3492 [REST API]: Add one more parameter 'preloadruns' in request body in 'POST /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/addCycle'.
  • SYNAPSENG-3515 [Report]: 'Test Cycle Report' export should support .xls and .doc formats.
  • SYNAPSENG-3519 [REST API]: Introduce new APIs to delete Test Cycle in 'DRAFT' status.
  • SYNAPSENG-3532 [Test Cycle]: Introduce 'Set Urgency' for Test Runs in Test Cycle.
  • SYNAPSENG-3544 [Automation]: Pass Test Cycle information to Jenkins job once the job is triggered by synapseRT.
  • SYNAPSENG-3549 [Performance]: Improvement the page loading time when there are many concurrent users in JIRA.
  • SYNAPSENG-3555 [Configuration]: The category value for 'Not Tested' status should be locked.
  • SYNAPSENG-3577 [User Settings]: Introduce a new user setting to allow user customizing export fields of Requirement (CSV).
  • SYNAPSENG-3578 [Requirement]: Requirements page, change button label from 'Export All' to 'Export'.
  • SYNAPSENG-3589 [JQL]: Support both text search and JQL search for field 'Urgency'.

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-3487 [Gadget]: 'Delete' and 'Reorder' Jira field from 'Defect Statistics per Test Cycle/s' doesn’t work.
  • SYNAPSENG-3510 [Test Plans]: New created 'Test Run Status' are not reflected in 'Overview' tab.
  • SYNAPSENG-3540 [Test Plans]: The color block will change to grey color if any of default status is updated.
  • SYNAPSENG-3541 [Requirement]: 'Refresh' message is always be there if link a Requirement issue from other project.
  • SYNAPSENG-3545 [Test Plan]: Page is always in 'Loading' status if try to add Test Case from a Requirement who has no Test Case associated.
  • SYNAPSENG-3553 [JQL]: Minor UI issue in JQL search text boxes.
  • SYNAPSENG-3556 [Test Case]: Some HTML tags causes Test Case issue cannot be loaded correctly.
  • SYNAPSENG-3557 [JQL]: Any issues created from issue type contains symbol '&' is NOT going to be considered as synapseRT issues and cannot be linked.
  • SYNAPSENG-3562 [JQL]: Sometimes JQL result is not correct if the are sub Test Suites with duplicated name.
  • SYNAPSENG-3564 [Test Plan]: Test Cases will be listed at the bottom in Test Plan if they are direct children of a root Test Suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-3565 [SynapseRT Report]: 'Test Suite Report' generates wrong data if there are Test Cases directly linked to parent Test Suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-3568 [Test Cycle]: The initial value of 'Tested By' should be 'blank' instead of user who created Test Cycle.
  • SYNAPSENG-3570 [Test Plan]: Progress bar is missing for Test Cycles in Test Plans page.
  • SYNAPSENG-3571 [Test Case]: Test Plan panel is not rendering in Test Case Issue page when there is an invalid Test Cycle
  • SYNAPSENG-3579 [Gadget]: The view mode switch is in 'Disabled' status if the JQL filter is from a gadget.
  • SYNAPSENG-3582 [Gadget]: Error in 'Test Case Burndown Chart' at
  • SYNAPSENG-3586 [Test Run]: Duplicated records are created in 'History' is if do 'Bulk update' from test steps.
  • SYNAPSENG-3590 [Test Cycle]: Code string is displayed in error message when configure synapseRT fields as 'Column'.
  • SYNAPSENG-3591 [Test Suite]: Drag and dropping test suite to be it's own child breaks related test issues
  • SYNAPSENG-3592 [REST API]: Test Case public REST fails when using virtual IP.