Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-2457 [Requirement]: Add a 'xx more' link for 'Test Case' associations if there are more than 25 Test Case links in a Requirement issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-3988 [REST API]: Improve 'createTestSuite' to support slash character in suite name.
  • SYNAPSENG-3981 [Test Plan]: remove 'blank result box' from Test Case list if those Test Cases are added in 'Test Cycle'.
  • SYNAPSENG-3723 [Requirement]: introduce a 'Progress Bar' to indicate clone status.
  • SYNAPSENG-3984 [Gadget]: introduce a new gadget to report test executions done in a period.

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-3987 [My Settings]: Incorrect audit log for updating test case via CSV upload
  • SYNAPSENG-3985 [Test Cycle]: 'Free-form Test Cases' label is showing up before the entire Test Suite is loaded.
  • SYNAPSENG-3982 [Test Cycle]: UI problem in 'Test Plan Members' dialog.
  • SYNAPSENG-3980 [Test Plan]: if there is large amount of data, it takes some time to load 'Test Cycle' list from Test Plan issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-3979 [Test Cycle]: reorder Test Run in Test Cycle doesn't work as expected.
  • SYNAPSENG-3977 [Report]: Test Runs from 'Free-form Test Cases' are ignored from 'Run Attribute Based Report'.
  • SYNAPSENG-3976 [Gadget]: Any sub Test Suite whose name contains '&' cannot be reported in 'Test Executions by Field' gadget.
  • SYNAPSENG-3947 [Import]: the second import which is started during a in progress import cannot be started.
  • SYNAPSENG-3935 [Test Run]: Java error when pasting & renaming an image (focus lost) in actual result field
  • SYNAPSENG-3894 [Test Plan]: if user adds a large number of Test Case through 'Add Test Suite' option, the notification texts don't present after page auto refresh.