Below are list of Improvements and Bugs fixed in this release.


SYNAPSENG-987 [Improvement][Customer]: JIRA workflow properties should also work with synapseRT NextGen fields/entities.
SYNAPSENG-1076 [Test Run][Improvement]: 'Comment' and 'Actual Result' fields to support rich text editing.
SYNAPSENG-1092 Provide both REST API and JQL to retrieve all Test Cases in Test Plan.


SYNAPSENG-1078 [SynapseRT Reports][Customer]: Exported 'Test Cycle Report' file doesn't have correct data if any Test Case is deleted from JIRA.
SYNAPSENG-1081 [Requirement]: The word doc contains a lot of exceptions after Requirement is exported.
SYNAPSENG-1089 [Manage REQs]: Delete last Requirement (Child) will not refresh the list.
SYNAPSENG-1090 [Manage REQs]: Search combinations (filter options) are works as 'OR' instead of 'AND' in 'Requirements' page.
SYNAPSENG-1093 [SynapseRT Reports]: Removed (from Test Cycle) Test Cases are still displayed in 'Test Plan Execution Report' with execution information.
SYNAPSENG-1097 [Test Case]: Wiki markup is not suported in printable page and exported word doc.
SYNAPSENG-1098 [Test Case]: Cannot attach attachment to 'Ad Hoc Test Run' with 'Communications Breakdown' error.
SYNAPSENG-1102 [SynapseRT Reports]: The hyperlink for Test Plan issue key doesn't work in 'Requirement Coverage Report'.
SYNAPSENG-1107 [Test Plan]: De-selected Test Case will also be added to Test Plan if 'node' is in 'Selected' status.
SYNAPSENG-1109 [SynapseRT Reports]: Result name cannot properly displayed in reports.
SYNAPSENG-1117 [Test Plan]: 'de-selected' Test Cases from 'Add Test Suite' dialog will NOT remove Test Cases from the Test Plan.
SYNAPSENG-1123 [Test Plan]: Select Test Case from 'Add Test Suite' has some issue.
SYNAPSENG-1125 [Test Plan]: User created custom fields cannot be displayed well in issue mapping page when do Test Case Import.