New Features:

New gadget 'Test case Executions by Test Cycle'

  • It lists all Test Cycles in your Test Plan with test execution status.

New 'Defects' panel in Requirement issue

  • It provides an easier way to read defects those are reported against Requirement issue.

UI change in Test Case issue

  • It provides improved usability for Ad hoc runs and optimal white space utilization for Requirements panel. 

'ABORTED' Test Cycle now is removable.

  • User is allowed to remove unused Test Cycles to clean the Test Plan.

New configuration option to enable/disable 'Time Tracking' feature.

  • It gives move flexibility to enable/disable the feature.

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New 'Test Case Details' section in Test Case Run dialog

  • Last time Test Run Result
  • Last time Run Defects

Import/Export to support more synapseRT entities

  • Support to import 'Estimate' value when import Test Case
  • Support to export 'Estimate' value when export Test Case/Report
  • Support to export Test Plan issue with synapseRT entities 

A float menu bar to show more operations

  • 'Search' and 'Bulk Operation' are always presented when user scrolls the list in Test Cycle.

Other improvements on UX

  • Two more columns 'Components' and 'Labels' in Test Cycle page

  •  'View All Defects' link to list all defects cross Test Plans/Cycles in Test Case issue.

  • More REST APIs are added, please refer to REST API

Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-1601 [Customer][Test Suite]: Add a 'Sort Test Suite' feature in 'Test Suites' page.
  • SYNAPSENG-1527 [Requirement]: We should use 'P' instead of 'Priority' as header in 'Bugs' panel.
  • SYNAPSENG-1504 Perform code cleanup to improve performance and maintenability
  • SYNAPSENG-1493 [Improvement]: To avoid confusion, use 'Defect' as standard terminology in our product.
  • SYNAPSENG-1489 [Configuration][Customer]: There should be a configuration option to enable/disable 'Time Tracking' feature.
  • SYNAPSENG-1466 [REST API]: 'Delete a Step' is done successfully but there is no 'successfully' message returned.
  • SYNAPSENG-1456 [Test Suite]: Add a 'Progress Screen' when do 'Move or Copy' action.
  • SYNAPSENG-1432 [Customer][REST API] Add REST API to get all child requirements from a requirement.
  • SYNAPSENG-1419 [Customer][JQL]Add JQL function to get all children for a requirement.
  • SYNAPSENG-1417 [Test Case][Customer]: Develop a 'Defect Details' dialog to display all Bugs found from the Test Case.
  • SYNAPSENG-1412 [Customer][Test Cycle]: User wants reuse 'JIRA Version' as Test Cycle 'Build'.
  • SYNAPSENG-1393 [Customer][Test Cycle]: Don't use 'Yellow' color for 'warning' icon.
  • SYNAPSENG-1378 [Customer]: Test Cycles in status of 'DRAFT', 'ACTIVE' and 'ABORTED' should be removable.
  • SYNAPSENG-1361 [Test Cycle]: Make a float menu bar to display Test Cycle Actions.
  • SYNAPSENG-1341 [Test Run][Customer]: Show 'Last Time Test Result' in Test Run dialog for execution reference.
  • SYNAPSENG-1317 [Requirement][Customer]: Add one more section to display bugs.
  • SYNAPSENG-1313 [Gadget][Customer]: Develop a new gadget "Test Results by Test Cycle/s" for our plugin.
  • SYNAPSENG-1308 [Integration][Improvement]: Add an icon with tooltip to indicate: This application is configured by Test Case/s, it is not allowed to remove it.
  • SYNAPSENG-1304 [Test Plan][Customer]: Support to export SynaspeRT fields when export a Test Plan issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-1303 [Time Management][Import/Export]: Test Case export to support 'Estimate' & 'Forecast' values export.
  • SYNAPSENG-1302 [Time Management][Import/Export]: Test Case import to support 'Estimate' value import.
  • SYNAPSENG-1270 Test Suites - Delete should really be "Remove"
  • SYNAPSENG-1256 [Test Case]: We should provide a 'more' link from add hoc test result in Test Case issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-1158 [Test Cycle][Customer]: Need filter/JQL in 'Test Cycle' to find a group of Test Cases from their attributes.

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-1627 [REST API][Customer]: 'testCaseKey' is not returned from 'GET /rest/synapse/latest/public/testPlan/{testPlanIssueKey}/cycle/{cycleName}/testRuns'.
  • SYNAPSENG-1604 [Test Case]: Test Step text box is too small when it is in 'Edit' mode, UI issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-1602 [Test Case]: Column width is not adjusted well in 'Test Step' text box.
  • SYNAPSENG-1583 [Test Suite][Import/Export]: Test Suite information cannot be imported by a irrelevant error (Requirement cannot be found).
  • SYNAPSENG-1581 [Test Suite][Import/Export]: New steps added instead of replacing the existing steps after importing to update existing Test Cases.
  • SYNAPSENG-1577 [Test Suite][Import/Export]: 'Label' information imported from SynaspeRT cannot display in JIRA JQL search page.
  • SYNAPSENG-1576 [Test Case]: New change history record is created although there nothing saved/changed.
  • SYNAPSENG-1575 [Test Case]: The size of test step text box is too small when 'Test Data' is enabled.
  • SYNAPSENG-1573 [Test Case]: Test Step text box is not expand automatically when clone a step with multiple rows.
  • SYNAPSENG-1571 [Configuration]: Same issue type can be mapped as SynaspeRT 'Requirement' and 'Bug'.
  • SYNAPSENG-1570 [Gadgets]: Gadget 'Defect Statistics per Test Cycle/s' configured for Confluence page cannot generate data.
  • SYNAPSENG-1569 [JQL]: JQL bugsInCycle('') doesn’t work.
  • SYNAPSENG-1568 [JQL]: Issues are in 'Done' status cannot be found by JQL bugsInTestPlan("").
  • SYNAPSENG-1567 [Test Plan]: Duplicated issues are present in 'Defect Details' dialog from Test Plan level.
  • SYNAPSENG-1566 [Test Suite]: Move a Test Suite as a Root Test Suite (Only Test Cases) doesn't work.
  • SYNAPSENG-1565 [Test Suite]: Move a Test Suite to new location in same Root Test Suite (Only Test Cases) doesn't work.
  • SYNAPSENG-1564 [Test Suite]: Copy a Test Suite as a Root Test Suite (Only Test Cases) doesn't work.
  • SYNAPSENG-1563 [Test Suite]: Move a Test Case from a Test Suite to a Root Test Suite causes some issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-1554 [Customer][Gadget]: 'Test Case Burndown Chart' will display wrong data if user update result from 'Not Tested'->'NA'->'Not Results'
  • SYNAPSENG-1553 [Test Suite]: The icon still shows as 'Collapsed' status even after it is expanded in 'Add Test Suite' dailog box.
  • SYNAPSENG-1542 [Test Suite][Import/Export]: It redirects to wrong page if click 'here' link from 'Import Status' page.
  • SYNAPSENG-1513 [Performance][Test Plan]: It takes >48s to load a Test Plan issue with: 3000TCs, 4 Test Cycles, 300 Requriements are covered.
  • SYNAPSENG-1507 [Gadgets]: 'Component/s' value cannot be generated in 'Defect Statistics per Test Cycle/s' gadget.
  • SYNAPSENG-1506 [Gadgets]: 'Affects Versions' and 'Fix Version' as table headers cannot properly displayed in 'Defect Statistics per Test Cycle/s' gadget.
  • SYNAPSENG-1500 [SynapseRT Reports]: UI issue for 'Test Plan Execution Report'.
  • SYNAPSENG-1499 [SynapseRT Reports]: UI - Inconsistent issue in 'Adhoc Test Run Report'.
  • SYNAPSENG-1485 [Test Case]: SynapseRT fields shows 'Step Data' instead of 'Test Data', it produces inconsistency issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-1465 [Performance][Test Cycle]: 'Add Test Case' button doesn't work correctly when there are large amount of Test Cases in Test Cycle (3000 Test Cases).
  • SYNAPSENG-1464 [Performance][Test Cycle]: 'Bulk Operation' with large amount of Test Cases doesn't work (3000 Test Cases).
  • SYNAPSENG-1463 [Performance][Test Suite]: It takes >107s to link 600 Test Cases to a Test Suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-1462 [Performance][Test Suite]: It takes >180s to finish 'Expand All' action from a Test Suite with with 3000 Test Cases (155 Test Suites).
  • SYNAPSENG-1461 [Performance][Test Cycle]: It takes >120s to 'Start' a Test Cycle with 3000 Test Cases.
  • SYNAPSENG-1460 [Performance][Test Cycle]: It takes >55s to add a new Test Cycle in a Test Plan with 3000 Test Cases.
  • SYNAPSENG-1459 [Performance][Test Cycle]: It takes >55s to completely load Test Cycle page (3000 Test Cases)
  • SYNAPSENG-1438 [Customer][Test Case]: 'Original Value' shows the latest change instead of the value before updating in 'Change History.
  • SYNAPSENG-1437 [Customer][Test Case]: 'Test Data' and 'Estimate' information is missing from 'Change History'.
  • SYNAPSENG-1362 [Test Plan]: Tester candidates cannot populate if Test Plan is open in 'Detail View'.
  • SYNAPSENG-1227 [Test Case] Import Test Step should replace the existing Test Steps instead of adding more new steps.
  • SYNAPSENG-1144 [Test Plan]: Test Case sequence is different with how it organized in Test Suite.