New Features:

A list of new test reports

  • Requirement Based Reports: reports can be generated based on the Requirement Vs Test Runs statistics.
  • Test Execution Based Reports: reports can be generated based on the Test Execution statistics.
  • Execution Date wise Report: reports can be generated based on the Test Execution statistics.
  • Defect Matrix Report: report will show the matrix of various parameters of defects.
  • Test Suite Report: report will show the Test Suite coverage in Test Cycles.
  • Test Case Burndown Report: reports can be generated on Test Case Burndown statistics.

Some examples:

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A new SynapseRT menu 'Tester' in JIRA main menu bar

  • JIRA user is able to manage user settings here

Added serveruser settings feature

  • Perferences: JIRA user is able to set the fields to be displayed in Test Run dialog.
  • Filter: JIRA user is able to centrally view all 'SynapseRT Filters' created by current user.
  • Subscriptions: JIRA user is able to subscrible 'SynapseRT Report' and get auto-emails from SynapseRT.

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Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-2091 Send notifications to subscribed users
  • SYNAPSENG-2063 Create Manage Filters page in My settings
  • SYNAPSENG-2062 Report Type - Test Case Execution Report
  • SYNAPSENG-2051 Test Suite Coverage Report
  • SYNAPSENG-2049 Create a Manage Preferences page
  • SYNAPSENG-2048 Create a My Setting page
  • SYNAPSENG-2047 Create a Subscriptions page to subscribe reports etc
  • SYNAPSENG-2046 [Report] Requirement based summary report
  • SYNAPSENG-2045 [Report] Defect distribution summary report
  • SYNAPSENG-2024 [Customer][Gadget]: We should put '%' symbol into each bracket to make it more user friendly.
  • SYNAPSENG-1784 [Customer][Report]: Test Case Burn-down to Show Planned Execution and Actual Execution
  • SYNAPSENG-881 Report Type - Defect Matrix Report

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-2250 [Customer][REST API]: The permission set for "/rest/synapse/latest/public/requirement/{requirementIssueKey}/linkedTestCases" is not proper.
  • SYNAPSENG-2114 [Customer][Integration]: Job is always in 'Running' status and canot be done in Test Cycle page.
  • SYNAPSENG-2094 [Test Plans]: 'Save Report Configuration' dropdown works wrong if when try to generate report with invalid options.