New Features:

Add/Remove test case thru test suite

  • Introduced an additional view mode 'Test Suite View', let the user adjust test cases in test cycle from test suite (tree view).


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Configure 'Column' in test cycle page

  • The user is able to customize columns in test cycle page based on user needs.


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Quick multiple selection by using combination key 'Shift + Left Click'

  • The user now is able to select multiple items by using combination key 'Shift + Left Click', instead of clicking to select one by one.

    This feature is available in below areas:
    - Test cycle page
    - Add/Remove Test Case dialog
    - Add/Remove Test Case in the Test Suite dialog
    - Edit test suite page

Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-2476 [Test Cycle][Customer]: Select multiple test cases by combination key "Shift + Left Click" in test cycle page.
  • SYNAPSENG-1696 [Test Cycle][Customer]: Add 'Configure Column' function to 'Test Cycle' page.
  • SYNAPSENG-1529 [Test Cycle][Customer]: 'Add/Remove Test Case' should reuse 'Add Test Suite', so that tree structure and multi-selection are available for user.
  • SYNAPSENG-482 [Test Suite][Customer]: Select multiple test cases by combination key "Shift + Left Click" in the test suite.

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-2560 [Report]: UI issue in 'Test Execution Based Reports'.
  • SYNAPSENG-2531 [Customer][Test Plan]: Debug information is displayed in browser console when expanding a Test Plan with several Test Cycles.
  • SYNAPSENG-2527 [Test Run]: 'Add Hoc Test Run' dialog cannot be launched from a 'Defect' issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-2526 [Test Plan]: 'Add Test Suite' doesn’t work anymore if there are any Test Case has ever been moved from Test Case issue type to another issue type.
  • SYNAPSENG-2525 [Test Cycle]: Items are still in selected status after 'Bulk Assign' action is done.
  • SYNAPSENG-2517 [Customer][Preference]: 'Linked Issues:' value cannot show up in 'Test Run' dialog although it has been added to 'Preference' list.
  • SYNAPSENG-2504 [Test Case]: Sub Test Suite from DISABLED Test Suite are still present in 'Add Test Suite' dialog.
  • SRM-216 [Customer][REQ]: Code line '$requirement.getPriorityObject().getName()' is displayed in baseline page if 'Priority' field is NOT configured for the project.
  • SRM-213 [SRT Suite]: Update a Requirement issue will cause it to be moved to the bottom of the list.
  • SRM-211 [SRT Suite]: Requirement page issue when move a Requirement issue cross projects.
  • SRM-210 [SRT Suite]: 'Attention …' message cannot be gone if there is any Requirement issue moved from another project.