Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-2601 [Configuration]: 'Requirement' and 'Defect' dropdown list nothing if any of synapseRT issue types (Test Plan, Test Case, Requirement) is removed from JIRA server.
  • SYNAPSENG-2599 [Test Cycle]: Exception occurs if specify an invalid order when configure column in Test Cycle page.
  • SYNAPSENG-2593 Code line 'synapserm.ajax.autocomplete.showing.x.of.all' is displayed in any synapseRT search box.
  • SYNAPSENG-2590 [Test Run] "Actual Result" field is missing in the Test Run Details REST API
  • SYNAPSENG-2587 [Test Cycle]: Remove a Test Case from JIRA will impact existing Test Cycle.
  • SYNAPSENG-2584 [Test Run]: Issue summary cannot be correctly displayed if it contains: '>
  • SYNAPSENG-2583 [Traceability]: Test Cases status in traceability shows as 'Status Category' instead of workflow status.
  • SYNAPSENG-2570 [Customer][Test Suite]: Move a sub Test Suite to any collapsed Test Suite, the list cannot refersh automatically.
  • SYNAPSENG-2569 [Test Suite]: Test Case/s linked to any expanded Test Suite cannot present immediately after link is done.
  • SYNAPSENG-2542 [Test Run]: Issue type is NOT default to 'Defect' when user creates a defect from Ad Hoc Test Run.
  • SYNAPSENG-2530 [Customer][Oracle DB]: Test Cycle creation is failed if there is a Test Case with 255 characters (non-English strings) in the Test Plan.
  • SYNAPSENG-2515 [Customer][IE Only]: Resize test step textbox causes some UI issue in IE11
  • SYNAPSENG-2417 [L10N]: Translate new strings introduced in v9.x versions.
  • SYNAPSENG-2064 [Customer][Requirements]: All Requirement issues in the project are exported instead of issues listed in search results.
  • SYNAPSENG-2019 [Customer][Test Case]: It should focus on 'Step' in a new line after clicking 'Add' button.