Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-2100 [Customer][REST API]: 'Tester' & 'Comment' information should also be retrieved for APIs those to get Test Run information.

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-2656 JIRA 7.10.0 and JIRa 7.10.1 compatibility issues
  • SYNAPSENG-2655 Non-Requirement type is allowed to be linked in Requirement Suites
  • SYNAPSENG-2654 [Test Suite]: All existing Test Cases will be listed again (duplicates) after a new Test Case is created in a root Test Suite.
  • SYNAPSENG-2651 [Performance]: Further performance fixing for 'Requirements' page is required.
  • SYNAPSENG-2581 [Performance][REQ]: It takes to much time to load Requirement issue page if there are large amount of Test Cases associated to it.
  • SYNAPSENG-2482 [Customer][Performance]: It takes too much time to expand any 'Test Suite' in 'Add Test Suite' dialog from a Test Plan.
  • SYNAPSENG-1600 [Customer][Test Case]: Words are truncated in all browsers except Google Chrome.
  • SRM-219 [REQ Suite]: Move to recorder a child Requirement will cause parent Requirement in collapsed status after action is done.
  • SRM-218 [REQ Suite]: UI issue when drag a Requirement to other Requirement.
  • SRM-214 [REQ Suite]: Requirement page issue when link a parent requirement (with some child requirement associations) to a requirement issue in other location.
  • SRM-203 [REQ Suite]: UI issue when drag a requirement issue to a blank requirement suite which is in expanded status.