New Features:

Defining Additional Fields for Test Case Execution

Test Lead is allowed to pre-define additional 'Run Attribute' information, the information can be used during test execution.

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Updated Reports and Gadgets to Improve Usability

  1. Provide more customizable options for 'Test Cycle Report', it improves the flexibility of the report for different teams.
  2. Introduce 'Search' function for Test Plan issue (and Test Cycle) in any gadget, it saves time if you want to pick one from a bunch of Test Plan issues.

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Post Function to Create 'Requirement Version' Automatically

'Create Version' post function helps user creating a new 'Version' automatically once the Requirement issue reaches to a specific 'Status'.

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More Custom Fields to Show synapseRT Statistics

Below new custom fields are created to display more information about synapseRT in 'Jira Search' page, and also helps user creating statistics with fields' value in Confluence page.

  • Test Case: showing 'Test Case' information from a Requirement issue
  • Requirement: showing 'Requirement' information from a Test Case issue
  • Parent Requirement/Child Requirement/Requirement Suite: showing additional information from a Requirement issue
  • Execution Count: showing the number of times it is executed from a Test Case issue


UI Improvements in Test Cycle Page

Updated user interface in test cycle page to make it more user friendly.

Other Changes & Improvements

  1. Ability to reorder child Requirements from a parent Requirement issue.
  2. Search and then bulk delete Test Cases from a Test Plan is supported.

Release Notes


  • SYNAPSENG-2650 [Test Run]: User can define new fields in 'Test Run' dialog for user input during test execution.
  • SYNAPSENG-2763 [Requirement]: Add a new locked custom field 'Test Case' to display Test Case.
  • SYNAPSENG-3204 [Gadget]: Introduce 'Search' feature for 'Test Plan' list in any gadget.
  • SYNAPSENG-3437 [Test Plan]: Introduce 'Search and Remove Test Cases' dialog from Test Plan issue.
  • SYNAPSENG-3615 [Configuration]: Introduce some new custom fields to store and display synapseRT data.
  • SYNAPSENG-3741 [Requirement Version]: Introduce a new post function 'Create Version' for workflow transition.
  • SYNAPSENG-3769 [Report]: Improve 'Test Cycle Report' to cover more user scenarios.
  • SYNAPSENG-3771 Use pagination to fetch Requirements in Upgrade Tasks and Fix indexing problem.
  • SYNAPSENG-3775 [Requirement]: Allow users to sort requirements in Requirement Issue view.

Bug Fixes:

  • SYNAPSENG-3728 [Performance]: Exception occurs in console if export 'Test Suite Report' which contains large amount of Test Cases.
  • SYNAPSENG-3740 [Test Cycle]: JQL is overwritten when browsing to next page.
  • SYNAPSENG-3754 [Agile]: Switch to 'Advanced Search' causes exception.
  • SYNAPSENG-3756 [Test Cycle]: The previous statistics are loaded if user moves mouse cursor to pie chart.
  • SYNAPSENG-3758 [Performance]: It takes much time to return results after running some JQLs.
  • SYNAPSENG-3759 [Performance]: It causes some error if export a Test Suite with large amount of Test Cases.
  • SYNAPSENG-3760 [Import/Export]: Blank rows are added in 'Test Suite Report' after deselecting 'Include Step Result' option.
  • SYNAPSENG-3766 [Test Cycle]: UI problem if some fields contains to many texts as value.
  • SYNAPSENG-3768 [Configuration]: Sometimes installation fails when installing directly either 9.8.1 or above (9.8.6)
  • SYNAPSENG-3772 [Test Cycle]: 'Tested By' information auto filled by user who 'Started' the Test Cycle.
  • SYNAPSENG-3782 [Agile]: 'Clone Requirement' dialog pops up when try to delete an issue from agile board.
  • SYNAPSENG-3784 [Gadget]: It loads the localized strings for Jira system field in JQL if the hyperlink is clicked from our gadget.
  • SYNAPSENG-3786 [Configuration]: Sometimes the 'Run Status' field value (in Jira configuration) is different with 'Test Run Status' value.
  • SYNAPSENG-3791 [Requirement]: The texts from previous side Requirement is still showing up.