Clone a Test Cycle allows you to create a new Test Cycle with a group of test cases in a certain test result, it helps user to re-execute Test Case Runs those are "Failed" or "Blocked" (or with other results) in a new created Test Cycle. Test Case Runs only in selected results will be presented in cloned Test Cycle.

To clone a Test Cycle, following below steps:

  1. Launch a Test Plan issue.
  2. Click the "Gear" icon.
  3. Click "Clone" from the dropdown.
  4. In "Clone Test Cycle" dialog, update "Name."
  5. Check "Clone only Test Runs with Result" check box, then choose "Results" those will be cloned.
  6. Click "Clone" button.
    Note: Test Case Runs ONLY in selected results will be duplicated in the new Test Cycle.
             Test Case Runs' result is initialized to "Not Tested" in new Test Cycle.

[Screenshot - UG82_Test_Plan_issue_Clone_Test_Cycle_01]

[Screenshot - UG82_Test_Plan_issue_Clone_Test_Cycle_02]