To start using our plugin, you need to make proper configuration first. You can find the configuration page from Administration->Add-ons->(SYNAPSERT)->Configuration.

[Illustration - Configuration]

Configuration details:

  1. SynapseRT Issues (Mandatory): Map your own issue types to 'Requirement' and 'Defect', the mapped issue types will get the extensions from the plugin.
  2. SynapseRT Projects (Mandatory): Select project/s to enable the plugin, product menus/features will be visible for selected project/s. 
  3. SynapseRT Roles (Mandatory): Map project roles to plugin roles in order to make different users act as a 'Tester' or 'Test Lead'. 
  4. Notification (Optional): If the option is enabled, an email notification will be sent to the user who has some test executions assigned. 
  5. Test Data (Optional): If the option is enabled, an additional column 'Test Data' will show up for 'Test Step' section in Test Case, along with 'Step ID', 'Step' and 'Expected Result'.
  6. Time Tracking (Optional): If the option is enabled, 'Time Tracking' panel will present for Test Case, Test Plan, and Test Cycle to help the user do time estimation and forecasting in testing.
  7. Maximum limit to Import Test Cases (Optional): It is to set a maximum number of Test Cases allowed to be imported for each import.
  8. Maximum Issue Result (Optional): It is to set a maximum number of issues returned from the search.
  9. Legacy Automation (Optional): We have introduced a better automation solution, so please disable this option. 

In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also explore more features at the Atlassian Marketplace.
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